Kickin’ it With Kofkin

You’re kickin it with Kofkin.

I’m 17 and have been surrounded by sports my entire life. I’m a Florida boy, born and raised. And with so, my allegiance lies with the hometown teams. I’m a heat fan, and was one before Lebron got there. In the NFL, my team is the Jacksonville Jaguars. And boy am I excited, we got a young promising quarterback, one of the best running backs in the league, a new owner, and a new coach. It’s going to be our season next season…even though I say that every season. And for college sports, it’s all about the Gator Nation! Even though I want to go to FSU for school. Either way, that’s to be expected. Momma is a ‘Nole, and Daddy is a Gator.

I run cross country in the fall, basketball in the winter, and in the spring it’s all about track. Before I started running cross country, I did a little bit of middle school and youth league basketball coaching which was fun. Basketball dominates my life, even out of season. And track is an adopted love. I never liked it until I started getting good, and placing at meets. I am going to try to either get a “preferred walk on” to a division one school, or just try to walk on when I get there.

Basketball is my first sport, so I have a little bit of bias towards that area of the sports realm, but the sports fanatic in me loves all and any type of sport.

I look forward to writing more.

Until next time. Keep kickin’ it.


About Hastings

Fail with honor rather than succeed with fraud. Pain is weakness leaving the body. That's not blood, it's just red sweat. The only easy day was yesterday.
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